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Jitterbug Pest Control:
Conscientiously Choosing to be the Best

Our Goal is simple. We strive to be the very best pest control option available. It has been said that the enemy of Great is Good. Many companies become satisfied if they are a good company. This is not the case here. We are dedicated to being the very Best. Our Goal is not to become the biggest company. We believe that if the focus is on growth and size, then quality becomes a backseat passenger. Our focus is on quality and we allow growth to become a byproduct of achieving greatness. Our biggest growth comes from taking care of our current customers. We get tons of referrals. Ask our customers. They know the Jitterbug Advantage. Greatness is not a function of circumstance. It is a matter of conscience choice. And we conscientiously choose to be the best.

Being a Proper Steward of this Earth

Many companies use only one way to treat for pests regardless of the situation. This can be very damaging to the environment and it can actually increase the pest populations. Pests can become resistant to pesticides that are used continually. And the added residues of the pesticides can reach unsafe levels.

The responsible applicator will use a wide range of methods, tactics, and products to control pests and keep people and the environment safe. Botanicals are great products to use, but they might not be the best products to use every time. Pyrethroids are excellent products to use, but they might not be the best products to use every time, either. The responsible applicator determines the right method, the right tactic, and the right product to use for each particular decision.

Every ecosystem has a balance. Pest control should be very site-specific. When determining how to treat pests and prevent them from invading, the following are some of the factors that we consider: Safety, Effectiveness, Environmental Impact, Non-target Creatures, Location, Equipment Used, Mode of Treatment, Formulations, Amounts, Frequency, Laws & Regulations, etc...

At Jitterbug Pest Control, we strive to be responsible. We will use programs that are site-specific, that control pests while being aware of all risks to the environment. Jitterbug uses safe pest control options in Utah homes and businesses.


"They have amazing customer service. I know I can call anytime and they will answer my call as soon as they can and help me with my concerns. Every time they come they call me and my kids and my dog by name. I have been with Jitterbug for over 8 years and I recommend them to all of my family and friends."

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